We Said We Would The Diddley Idols Debut AlbumA note from The Diddley Idols; Dave and LouiseAfter all this time we are thrilled to finally present our debut album. WE SAID WE WOULD.It all started with a “Diddley Idols Requests” competition and a lot of peer pressure. Which we are so grateful for! Thank you! We took our fantastic follower’s requests and votes on our highest rated songs and suddenly out popped a 9 Track Album! WE SAID WE WOULD! An energetic blend of our signature hyperactive mashups and our very unique “unclassical” interpretations of rock and pop classics.We thought we’d throw two originals in too, for good measure.Everything you hear was played by the two of us. That’s why we toyed with the idea of calling it “THAT’S A LOT OF GEAR FOR TWO PEOPLE”. Anyone who knows us, knows that’s the truth. We had so much fun making this and we hope you can hear that. All your support means the world to us, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts! To our family, friends, and anyone who has ever come to see us, this is all because of you! THANK YOU! To Pete Thompson (Engineering and Mixing) and Alan Camlet (Mastering) at Hoboken Recorders, THANK YOU!  We hope you enjoy! Lots of Love,Dave and Louise.Very Limited Stock

We Said We Would LP